About Us

At Active Point Physiotherapy, we provide services in different areas of physiotherapy.

Our team utilizes their extensive experience and skills and is dedicated to deliver physiotherapy services of the highest quality. We provide evidence based and effective physiotherapy. Our team is led by the very experienced physiotherapist Aditi Badhe.

We are NDIS accredited and provide comprehensive and varied physiotherapy care.


Aditi Badhe


Principal Physiotherapist (BSc. PT, M Physio)

Aditi is a qualified physiotherapist with extensive clinical experience in private and public healthcare systems spanning over 18 years.

Aditi graduated in 2000, following which, she had the opportunity to work on a World Health Organisation (WHO) project in Rehabilitation in India.

Aditi moved to the UK in 2004, where she worked in England and further developed her skills as Neuro Physiotherapist and acquired experience in other Neurological techniques.

In 2008, Aditi moved to Australia and worked in various settings of Private Health, Rehabilitation, Geriatrics and Public Health organisations across Melbourne and Sydney.

In 2012, Aditi completed her Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne.

Overtime, Aditi has acquired significant experience in Neurological, Orthopaedic, & Musculoskeletal conditions. She also specialises in Pain management .

Aditi has also completed her Basic Bobath Course, which is recognised as an effective treatment intervention in Neurological Physiotherapy. She has achieved successful outcomes in treating vestibular conditions mainly BPPV.

Aditi is known to have a friendly personality and a calm acumen with a sound knowledge in her area of work with cross cultural sensitivity.